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A New Generation of Leadership for America & Arizona!

Meet Jamie Kelly

Jamie is the new generation of leadership for America and Arizona! Jamie is an Arizona Native who was raised by her Great-Grandparents with a foundation in God and Country. She is a Constitutional Conservative who is pro-God, pro-Life, pro-Family, and pro-Constitution! Jamie supports and will defend our United States Constitution and the Arizona Constitution. She understands the importance of America and Arizona first. Her Great-Grandparents taught her the importance of building her life in God, preserving our Constitution and what America stands for, honoring our military, respecting our law enforcement, and working hard to make a difference every day. 

Jamie learned the importance of working hard and giving back to the community through service. From canned food drives in school to serving as an AmeriCorp volunteer during college, service is a top priority. Jamie worked her way through college and graduate school, attending Paradise Valley Community College, Arizona State University, and the University of Phoenix. My focus was Communication Studies and Public Administration. 

While in college, Jamie worked with children who had special needs including Autism, ADHD, and behavioral struggles. Through an AmeriCorp program, Jamie served homeless and runaway youth and moved into volunteer and program management in a residential treatment center. After completing the AmeriCorp program, she shifted to serving the homeless community in Phoenix where she saw firsthand the impacts of mental health, the foster care system, and government funding. Jamie transitioned into Human Resources at the Department of Public Safety where she witnessed first hand the importance of integrity in our law enforcement. As her career changed, Jamie expanded her focus into recruiting, benefits management and leadership. In the last ten years, she has focused on non-profit and organizational leadership and policy development. 

Jamie is married to Mike who is an Air Force Veteran who served over 28 years in law enforcement. Mike was injured during his military service and they have fought for a long time for him to receive the proper treatment and services. They have witnessed first hand the struggles of proper medical care through the VA. Jamie stands to support our military and veterans. She has faithfully served her community with a dedication to our military, veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, and dispatchers. Together with her husband and the community, they have supported the local communities in times of need through donation drives, support during funeral services, and other resources as needed. 

Together they have three kids, two angels, six grandkids and a service dog. She is fighting for medical freedoms, education choice and parents' rights especially now after watching what has happened in the last few years. Jamie's children and grandchildren are her top care and concern. We must protect our children and their future. We must fight to leave them a country like we had growing up. 

Jamie and Mike have built their lives in Glendale where they have served and called home. In their free time they can be found in their garage building hot rods like their 1965 Shelby Cobra and Jamie's Jeep. They can be found enjoying Arizona and America on their Harley. Jamie is a foodie who loves trying new restaurants especially if they serve lobster. Between spending time with family and friends, working on cars or traveling they can be found actively involved in politics because our future depends on saving Arizona and America. They have served as Precinct Committeemen for the Republican Party. Jamie is currently serving as the President of the Arrowhead Republican Women and as the Region VII Director for the Arizona Federation of Republican Women. 


Jamie is dedicated to Arizona. She is asking for your support.


Vote Jamie Kelly for State Senator of Legislative District 27!

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