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Why Jamie Cares

Jamie is an Arizona Native who is dedicated to saving America and Arizona. Jamie grew up in the 85308 zip code and continues to call Glendale home. She was raised by her Great-Grandparents on the foundation of Conservative values. Together Jamie and her husband, Mike, have three children, two angels, six grandchildren, and a Beagle/America Bulldog service dog. Jamie and her husband, Mike, attend a small Bible church in Peoria. Jamie grew up in the public school system and went on to Paradise Valley Community College, Arizona State University, and the University of Phoenix. Jamie has worked in non-profit, government, human resources and marketing. Jamie and Mike understand the commitment to serving our communities and service-before-self to all Americans. Jamie focuses on protecting life, our freedoms and security. Jamie stands for the common sense principles and policies that are founded in the Constitution of America and Arizona.  It is time we stand and fight to save Arizona and America.  

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Protecting Life

Life offers no guarantees but abortion offers no chances. Jamie is pro-life. Jamie believes in supporting and defending life from conception to natural death. Jamie is a proud Mom and Grandma. She will always stand to defend life. She will fight for the rights of all.  


Rights & Amendments

Jamie is a strong Constitutional Conservative who believes and will support defending our constitutional rights including but not limited to freedom of speech, our 2nd amendment rights, and freedom of religion. Arizona needs laws that will protect life and strength rights for our citizens. She will always stand up against any infringements of our constitutional rights.  

Immigration & Border Security

Immigration and border security is an American and Arizona issue. CBP has seen a 379% increase over the last year in encounters. 164 countries were represented by these non-citizens. Over 10,000 lbs of fentanyl, 180,000 lbs of meth, and 86,000 lbs of cocaine were seized by CBP. The Tucson Sector which includes Cochise County had 115,000 get-aways in the first 11 months of this federal fiscal year. We must stop human and drug trafficking. We must stop the crime. We must secure our borders. 


Law Enforcement


Now more than ever we must restore law and order in Arizona. As the wife of a 28-plus-year law enforcement officer, I have witnessed firsthand how our law enforcement is impacted daily. I have served as a Civilian Board Member on the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board. My focus has been on upholding the integrity in law enforcement and ensuring that bad law enforcement do not serve Arizona. I am the strongest advocate for law enforcement. I will advocate for resources, training, and supportive services. 

Election Integrity

We deserve free and fair elections so that all citizens in Arizona can have confidence in the election system. We need common-sense reforms to include voter identification, secure voter registration for American citizens only, transparency in all elections, clean the voter rolls and accuracy in counting. Ballot harvesting must end. We must enhance the security and accuracy election adjudication system. We must restore the voters' confidence and protect the integrity of elections. 

Jobs & Economy

Arizona is the ideal location for business! Jamie values the free-market principles that have fueled our economy and pushed the job market. We must stand for pro-growth policies to fuel the economy. Jamie supports our small-business owners and will advocate for lower taxes and regulations to allow businesses and our economy to thrive. As we recover to the pre-shut-down economy and job opportunities. 

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100% Backpack Style Funding
Teacher and Pupil

Arizona must continue to lead the way in expanding school choice for all K-12 families. In the 2022 legislative session, Arizona expanded Empowerment Scholarship Account eligibility to all school-age children. This will allow parents to place their children in a school that will work best for them. I support parental rights to make decisions about their child's education. I support public, charter, private, homeschooling, micro-schools, and other educational opportunities that best support the child. I support all funding to be backpack-style funding to follow the child. 

School Safety

All schools must be a safe environment for students, teachers, staff, and administrators. I support our School Resource Officer programs that promote safety on campus, increase positive interaction with students and law enforcement and deter violent behavior on campuses. I support improving technology capabilities between local law enforcement and schools to increase accessibility in the worst moments. I support securing our schools with improved technology and resources for teachers, students, administrators, and law enforcement. I have spent time discussing with our local School Resource Officers to explore areas of risk at their schools, develop an understanding of how their schools have been impacted in safety and security, and learn how their service has positively impacted their students. All schools need to focus funding on improving school safety and increasing the number of School Resource Officers.

Stop Critical Race Theory and Dangerous Indocrination

Arizona needs to strengthen that ban on Critical Race Theory and other dangerous indoctrination like Social-Emotional Learning and Diversity Inclusion programs. I support enforceable laws and supporting reporting and investigation procedures to protect our children from the dangerous indoctrination from the radical left that is destroying America and Arizona. Arizona needs to focus education on the basics of reading, writing, math, and civics/history.  

As we focus on parents' rights we need to remember that we do not co-parent with the government. The increased exposure to sex education at a younger and younger age without consent from the parents. I will fight against the radical left sexual education and exposure to programs like drag queen story hour in a school without parental consent. We must fight to protect our children. 

Increase Teacher Pay & Resources

Our teachers and support staff must be top priority regarding pay, not the administration or district leadership. Teachers must be paid the salary increases they were promised. In addition to teachers, we need to look at the support staff like special needs aides, bus drivers, school security, etc. Our students deserve the best. It is time to focus on keeping the best teachers in education. 

No Vaccine & Mask Mandates

A parent has the right to decide on what medical treatments their child will receive and this is not a decision for the school system to make. I respect the parent's right to decide what vaccinations their child will receive and the child should not be mandated to receive a vaccination. We must protect the individual's freedom including protecting their religious and personal beliefs. A school shall not require vaccination or a mask mandates for children. 

Military & Veterans

As the granddaughter of two Veterans and the wife of an Air Force Veteran, I know the importance of supporting the military and our veterans. One of my grandfathers was stationed at Luke Air Force base during his Air Force service. I will stand and support our military and fight to protect our military bases to ensure the protection of America. During my husband's military service, he was injured on the flight line. He has fought hard to receive the healthcare he needs. Although the Veterans Administration and Healthcare are under Federal governance, I know the importance of healthcare for our Veterans. I will fight for our military, veterans, and their families. 

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